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The Imperium Panjianium

Aug 10, 2009

Welcome to the Imperium Panjianium. Well after a unannounced break we are back with the last installment of the second book. So download and enjoy. Chapter 25 - Kairo pleads for Tenji's future. Chapter 26 - Haru interrogates the Regent Queen about what she did to Tenji. Chapter 27 - The government determines the fate of Tenji as the Panjian Emperor. Chapter 28 - Ran's conversation with Jiro. Well I hope you enjoyed this podcast. There will be more coming when I have some free time to put it all together. There is also going to be a lot of stuff to download and join once, again, I get time to do it. So if you have enjoyed this podcast please tell a friend or link to us on your blog. If you have any comment, questions, or ideas please email them to Music for this podcast can be found on Thanks and see you next time.